Joint Spring Seminar

2024 Virtual Joint Spring Seminar

April 18- 19, 2024

The 2024 Joint Spring Seminar is Virtual. Come join us for amazing educational presentations.

2024 JSS Program

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2024 Joint Spring Seminar Program


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Stay in the comfort of your home. All sessions presented on your computer or tablet.


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Registration Form

All registrants were sent a confirmation of their registration at the time they registered. On Saturday, April 13, and again on Wednesday, April 16, all registrants were sent the URL for the page that has the links to the sessions. If you don't have the link, please email Brenda; her email is in the program book as well as on your confirmation.   

Program Directors

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If you would like to register your students and be invoiced (if applicable)
Here is the link to a facility form.


These are companies that are sponsoring our sessions.

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Answers to your questions about the Virtual Joint Spring Seminar.