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Frequently Asked Questions

2024 Joint Spring Seminar

April 18 - 19, 2024

The 2024 Joint Spring Seminar is Virtual. Come join us for amazing educational presentations.

How Do I Access the Sessions?

The week before the Joint Spring Seminar you will be given the URL to the website for the Virtual JSS. Each session will have a link that will be active when the live presentation is scheduled.

What Platform will the meeting be held on?

The meeting will be held on the Zoom Webinar platform. To prepare for watching the sessions, please follow the instructions on Instructions for Joining These instructions will allow you to set up and test your computer ahead of time.

What are the system requirements to watch a Zoom Webinar?

There are a number of computer systems and tablets available to watch the Webinar. The best way to be sure your system is set up and running is to check out the requirements at Zoom System Requirements

Can I watch the sessions on my tablet?

Zoom webinars can be viewed on a tablet, but you have to download the Zoom Client from your App store (Play for Android, Apple App store for IOS) The best way to be sure your system is set up and running is to check out the requirements at Zoom System Requirements

How should I prepare for this?

Please do not wait until the day of the session to check out your system. The best way to be sure you are set up is to go to www.zoom.us/test. This allows you to test your audio and video.

What if I can't watch the session live?

We are planning to record all sessions. The link will be posted on the same page that the live links were. This link will be posted by Saturday. You will be able to view the session and obtain P.A.C.E. Credit, whether you view it live or recorded. There will be a time limit that the recorded sessions will be available, but you will have adequate time to view the sessions.

Will we have handouts?

If a speaker agrees to provide handouts from the session, the link to those handouts will be posted on the Virtual JSS page. Please remember that a speaker is not required to provide a handout. Some cannot because of company policy.

How will I get my credits?

The Attendee P.A.C.E. Instructions will give all attendees detailed instructions about how to get your certificate.

How do I record my educational session in AMT's AMTrax?

The AMTrax Instructions will give AMT members detailed information about to record the educational sessions in AMTrax.