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    ASCLS-WA Spring Seminar

    2019 ASCLS-WA Spring Seminar Link to Evaluation Forms

    Click on the evaluation form for your session. When you answer the questions, the session code will appear at the bottom. The comment section does not have to be completed for the code to appear. Please write down the session code. You will need it to get your P.A.C.E. Certificate through CE Organzier.

    1. Ingredients and Recipes in an Immunohematologist's Cookbook

    3. It is CLIA-Waived So Nothing Can Go Wrong, Right?

    Don't Take That Antibiotic! You Might Get. . .Fat? The Science of Healthy Microbiome

    4.Paradigm Shift in Allergy Medicine

    Clinical and Diagnostic Testing of Patients with Cardio-renal Syndrome

    5.Quality System Essentials

    6.Best Practices in Coagulation

    Anticoagulation: Now and in the Future

    7. The Current Status of Influenza Testing

    The Current Status of C. difficile Testing

    8. Multiplex Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease: How We Got Here and Where We Are

    Session Cancelled

    9.Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Testing in the Diabetic Patient

    10.Overcoming Challenges in the Pre-analytical Phase of POC Testing

    Session Cancelled

    11.Digital Cell Morphology for Standardizing Advanced RBC Morphology and Competency Software for Quality with Relevant Case Studies

    Moving Hematology Forward

    12.Calibration Verification - Guidelines and Regulations

    Practical Approaches To Installation/Validation Of New Laboratory Tests

    13. Surviving Instrument Downtime

    Restructuring of Workflow in the Lab in Today’s Tech Shortage Workforce

    Millennials In Today’s Workforce

    14. So You Think You Know Microbiology?

    15.Are You Current with Your GP41 CLSI Phlebotomy Standards?