Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in ASCLS-WA

ASCLS-WA is a state organization that provides opportunities to become involved in the profession. There are many activities that you can participate in to help promote your Medical Technologist community in Washington. In addition to the benefits of networking, many of these positions offer an opportunity to develop new skills that will benefit you in your professional life.

The ASCLS-WA Handbook has a lot of valuable information about working on the ASCLS-WA committees. Be sure to take a look and see what will interest you. Working on the various committees in ASCLS-WA is a valuable way to build your skills.

Our ASCLS-WA Volunteer Form is a quick way to volunteer.

Working on the Seminars

ASCLS WA is looking for individuals who are willing to work on the seminars. There are two opportunities per year: The ASCLS-WA Spring Seminar and the Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium. These are time limited opportunities that are great for building skills and networking. You can find out more information about the various committees in the Seminar Guidelines:  Spring Seminar Guidelines   or the Northwest Medical Lab Symposium Guidelines

Our ASCLS-WA Volunteer Form is a quick way to register.

You can also download our Volunteer Form which is a Word document that you can complete and email or mail.
The is a great way to build skills that will be of value to you and any employment opportunities that come your way. We would love to have you join us.