Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in ASCLS-WA

ASCLS WA is an organization that provides opportunities to become involved in the profession. If you aren't interested in becoming a member of the board or committee chairperson there are plenty of other activities that you can participate in to help promote your Medical Technologist community in Washington.

The ASCLS-WA Handbook has a lot of valuable information about working on the committees. Be sure to take a look and see what will interest you. Working on the various committees in ASCLS-WA is a valuable way to build your skills.

Working on the Seminars

ASCLS WA is looking for individuals who are willing to work on the seminars. There are two opportunities per year: The ASCLS-WA Spring Seminar and the Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium. These are time limited opportunities that are great for building skills and networking.

Our ASCLS-WA Volunteer Form is a quick way to register.

You can also download our Volunteer Form which is a Word document that you can complete and email or mail.
The is a great way to build skills that will be of value to you and any employment opportunities that come your way.