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Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium

2022 Virtual Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium Industry Presentations

Contact names and emails are included for any questions about their product(s) or services.

There will be no exhibitors at the 2023 NWMLS. The 2022 contacts are below.

Binding Site

Amy Mowry, Account Executive, Northwest
E-Mail: amy.mowry@bindingsite.com

Featuring: Freelite® - The standard of care to help rule out, diagnose and monitor plasma cell disorders


Bruce Dudley, Territory Sales Executive
E-Mail: bruce.dudley@cepheid.com

Featuring: Speed, plus Accuracy, plus Flexibility That’s The PCRplus advantage From Cepheid. Featuring 1 cartridge, 1 platform and 22 Tests.

Secure Transfusion Solutions (STS)

Joe Ferrara, Senior Director, Sales and Customer Service
E-Mail: jferrara@securetransfusion.com

Secure Transfusion Solutions (STS) has developed a safe, compensation-based model that can supplement and diversify hospitals’ platelet supplies with 100% pathogen-reduced, single-donor apheresis platelets.

Sysmex America

Michael Gaffney, Manager, Health System Account

Featuring: Sysmex UD-10, Digital Image Analysis Sysmex UF-5000, Siemens Clinitek Novus Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer
Fluorescent Flow Cytometry