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    Transfusion Symposium

    2019 Transfusion Symposium Link to Evaluation Forms

    Click on the evaluation form for your session block. When you answer the questions, the session code will appear at the bottom. The comment section does not have to be completed for the code to appear, but your comments are appreciated. Please write down the session code. You will need it to get your P.A.C.E. Certificate through CE Organzier.
    Please note that there are two session blocks, the morning and afternoon with 4 contact hours credit each. Contact hours are only available for the session block. The session blocks consists of

      Morning Sessions
      Afternoon Sessions
    In addition credit is available for the Lunch Roundtable, one contact hour available for attending a Lunch Roundtable Session. The topics in each session block are indicated below. The schedule is shown in the image at the bottom.

    While you will need to answer all the questions for the Morning and/or Afternoon session block for the P.A.C.E. code and sessions code to show up, for the Round Table you only need to evaluate the speaker and topic that you went to.

    Morning Session block consisting of the following topics:

      Optimal Use of Group O Red Blood
      Neonatal And Pediatric Transfusion: How To Be Prepared Even If You Are Not a Children’s Hospital
      Pediatric Transfusion Medicine Cases
      Pediatric Transfusion Inside and Outside the Transfusion Service Lab, Including Use of Low-Titer Group O Whole Blood
      Pediatric Transfusion Medicine Cases (part 2)

    2. Lunch Roundtable
    Simultaneous sessions with the following topics

    Lunch Round Tables:

      Deviations and Other Reasons to Call Transfusion Service Medical Staff
      Common Test Topics: Lab Scientist Certification
      Changing Paradigms for Blood Donor Deferrals and Increasing Blood Donor Diversity
      Pediatric Transfusion Topics

    Transfusion Medicine Afternoon Sessions consists of the following topics:

      Pediatric Transfusion Medicine Cases (part 3)
      New Platelet Formulations, Focus on Pathogen Reduction Technology (PRT)
      Prepping Your Hospital for PRT Platelets: Special Considerations, Going Beyond Product Codes
      Use of Pathogen Reduction Technology in Transfusion of Pediatric Patients
      Patient-Centered Challenges in Platelet Transfusion
      Case Based Panel Discussion