Northwest Medical Laboratory Symposium

2019 Exhibitors

ID Now Rapid Molecular 2-minute Strep and 5-minute Flu Tests

ADAMS A1c HA-8180V

ARUP Laboratories

Reference Laboratory Services and Education

Linearity DROP LQ TIBC for Ortho Vitros (Order# K905M-5)
Linearity LQ Galectin-3 (Order #K760M-5)
Control LQ Galectin-3 (Order #K081M-6)

Beckman Coulter

MicroScan Walkaway DxM Microbiology Analyzer
DxH 900 Hematology Analyzer
ESid (Early Sepsis Indicator)

Becton Dickinson

bioMerieux, Inc.


Bio-Rad Laboratories

CLIA Waived Xpress FLU, FLU/RSV & Strep A

Courier Service, Delivery Service, Warehousing, Driver Coverage, Driver Replacement, Fleet Replacement

DiaSorin, Inc.

DiaSorin Molecular

NEW Horizon Routine Centrifuge Line
SampleSafe Insulated Lockboxes

GWT 2000 Series countertop water purification system.

ePlex system
BCID Panels

HELIOS: Automated IFA Processor/Reader


ACL TOP Family 50 Series Instruments
HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation
The first fully automated on-demand assay for HIT testing.

The history of Randox is one of ambition, innovation and commitment to improving health worldwide. We firmly believe that the healthcare of tomorrow depends on the innovations developed today. We are advancing the cutting-edge science and technologies that hold the key to ground-breaking improvements in health and the practice of healthcare worldwide. Through a heavily committed research and development programme we continue to offer revolutionary products and solutions specifically designed to provide more efficient, higher quality, and reliable results in the widest variety of laboratory settings.


Siemens Healthineers

Demo Vehicle featuring Atellica Solution


Expert Core

Hematology Instrumentation

Reference Lab Services

Offering these new PT programs for 2020:
HPV Molecular, India Ink, Meningitis Multiplex, Legionella Antigen, Mycoplasma genitalium Molecular, Rubella IgM.

Hemoglobin-HemoCueHb 801, Urine Drug Screen - Ethyl glucuronide, INR-Coag Sense and Infectious Disease Serology.